We're building a network in our city, Copenhagen.

The creation of Fungo was inspired by the largest living organism on earth : Mycelium.

It spans as far as 10km2 and it connects plants and animals with each other, digging deep into the earth to provide the surface with minerals essential to its survival.

Nature thrives on mutualism.

Mutualism describes the ecological interaction between two or more species where each species has a net benefit.

Fungo takes its lesson from Nature

In supporting each other's genius, and the services that make our city worth living, we cultivate a sense of belonging that is the antidote to the alienation of modern society.

We believe that we belong
in serving one another.

- Nuno Neves
CEO and Founder of Fungo

Are you inspired by our mission ?

Surely, you have a gift worth sharing.

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